Is there some kind of regularity to it? If not, that’s probably making things harder for you.

We live most easily with patterns, systems and yes, routines. In James Clear’s book Atomic Habits he introduces the concept of “stacking habits” to help you achieve the things you want.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to write first thing in the morning, which just happens to be when I find it easiest and best to get my own writing done. At this point, I know certain things I do every morning: I make and eat eggs with greens for breakfast. On school days, my daughter makes her own lunch, eats, then goes outside to get the bus. After she’s gone, I do a short yoga practice, then shower, and write.

I love this practice because it gets me to my writing spot right when the winter sun hits it, which on cold days literally brightens my day!

In Clear’s terms, I’ve stacked the habits of food, family, yoga, and then writing. Because I don’t want to miss any of them, I do all of them. In this way the writing gets done.

Come back for my next post, which will be about what my system and routine is once I get to the desk. Hint: it’ll help you! 

Q: What’s your ideal writing time?

Perhaps you’re a night owl or an afternoon-writer. If so, tailor accordingly. What do you do when you’re ready to sit down? Is it after dinner? After walking the dog, making a cup of coffee? What other habits or routines do you have that you connect to your writing?

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