The Practice

13 06, 2024


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It’s not always the same. Every day is different. Life intervenes. Your practice will change.  You’re not the only one in the world. So listen to the world around you. Listen to your loved ones, listen to yourself. Make space to hear that quiet inner voice that knows you so well—not the one that’s judgy, but the one that’s kind, the one that’s there to offer you love. Loving yourself is so important. Self-kindness will take you farther than always cracking the whip, pushing for discipline and “working harder.” After all, this is a long game.  You’re not going to finish the project this week or this month. Not completely. So pace yourself. Be ready for the long haul because that’s where your best work is.  To do this right you have to listen carefully to the world, your loved ones, and your own heart. Your practice requires it.  Have you meditated lately?  On the words? On the draft?  On your breath?

14 05, 2024

The Practice

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Do you have a writing practice? You might call it a process or a habit or even a compulsion. What I really mean is: do you write regularly? A certain number of times per week for a minimum number of minutes or minimum words?   Do you do this? Stick to it?   Make it happen consistently?   If not, my bet is you’re shooting too high—trying to do it every day or for more minutes than is reasonable right now or… it’s just something that’s not working for you.   And that’s OK. I’ll say it again: THAT IS OK.   You’re here because you care about your writing, right? You’re reading this right now because you want to write. So breathe into that. Whatever’s coming up, it’s not guilt or shame or good or bad; it’s just your connection to the desire to write.   Call it excitement! It's a gift. where you are: If your goal was to run daily or even three times per week (see my friend Terrell’s substack if you want more info on how to build a running practice), you have to start where you are. You can’t jump in and start [...]


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