One-on-One Coaching Calls

In the first session of coaching, I meet with my private clients for 90-minutes to craft a detailed personal development plan. The plan includes clearly articulated competency-based outcomes (a coachy word for the habits you’re developing through our work together), an embodied commitment statement, and an action plan.

In the following months, we meet one, two, or three times per month for one-hour sessions. In these calls, we strategize a work process for you, build the habit, develop your craft by discussing my feedback on your writing, strategize how to overcome obstacles that come up, and plan the path ahead.

Personal Development Log Check-ins

Every week, you’ll take about fifteen minutes to write a reflection in your online personal development plan.

During this time, you’ll celebrate what you accomplished in the previous week, take stock of new learning, and look at action steps for the week ahead.

This way, you can stay accountable to your commitments and consistently moving forward.

I read what you’ve written in your personal development log and respond with insights and support to help you keep moving forward. Then, each time we meet, we look at what you’ve accomplished, strategize new action items, and develop your writing process. Clients gain a great deal from these regular checkins and the accountability around staying on track.

After taking one of Seth’s classes in mystery writing and participating in one of his workshops. I was pretty sure that I could write a mystery novel, so I forged ahead. But after completing a draft, I had no idea how to go back and revise it into something I could share with the world. That’s when I turned to Write with Seth for coaching. That novel quickly found its way into the trash, but as I worked with Seth, I started to develop the core skills I needed. I learned the importance of grounding my characters and letting them write the story. I learned how to let my imagination take over to create stories I never knew I had in me. And I learned how to commit to writing consistently four to five days a week. As a coach Seth does more than just edit my pieces, he points out where I need to work on a particular skill and introduces new concepts as needed. Most importantly, he encourages me to focus on the positives, helping me build confidence in my writing, take pride in my progress, and work on, rather than dwell on, my weaknesses. As for concrete Read more “As a coach Seth does more than just edit my pieces”

I met Seth when he taught a writing class at Stanford. I’d taken many writing classes there trying to figure out what I wanted to write and how to go about it. The problem with classes is that they end after a couple of months and leave you hanging. I was impressed with Seth’s approach to the writing process and his ability as a teacher. After the class ended, I joined his private coaching program. It’s only because of Seth that I’m still working on my dream to complete a novel. I would’ve given up if I didn’t have him by my side encouraging, supporting and challenging me. As part of the coaching process, Seth has his clients complete a weekly writing log. Doing this has transformed my writing by making me accountable and more deeply connected to my work. I highly recommend Write with Seth. Writing is lonely and can be overwhelming. It really helps to have a coach by your side. Read more “Doing this has transformed my writing!”

I’ve wanted to write since I was a teenager. I was in love with reading and had so many story ideas that I wanted to bring to life for others. But as an adult I was never able to find the time, and whenever I started it just got too daunting. I tried short stories but they just weren’t any good. I read all the craft books by Stephen King, Ann Lamott, Margaret Atwood, and they’re great, but weren’t enough to get me where I wanted to go. Then I found Seth. We started working on the craft level, writing great sentences and paragraphs, studying other works for clues, then doing several short exercises to drive the lessons home. On my own pieces, Seth provided encouragement and compassionately constructive criticism, while helping me see what the next steps could be if I was stuck. I also joined Seth’s writing workshops which sharpened my editorial eye and provided crucial encouragement and feedback when submitting my own pieces. But the really important thing here is the process. Building a process that can support your creativity while life swirls around you. After all, we aren’t the first writers who’ve struggled with the myriad Read more “Building a process that can support your creativity”

All Your Questions Answered

You have so many questions— How to write your opening? How to create believable and exciting characters that your readers will empathize with? How to create great dialogue? What to do when you’re not sure if you’re on the right track? What to do if you don’t feel inspired about a certain scene or chapter? How to find your plot– beginning, middle, and (yes, absolutely!) end? What to do next? And next? And next?

I will personally answer all of your questions so that you keep coming back to a sense of clarity and consistently writing, again and again.

How does that sound?

Cost of private coaching program: $250 per one-hour meeting. Includes pre-meeting reading, feedback, and weekly log checkins. Most clients generally meet with me 2-3 times per month ($500 to $750). In some cases meeting just once per month can be an effective approach.

If you think you might be one of those people who can benefit from working with me, I invite you to tell me a bit about yourself by filling out the form linked below. Once you do, I’ll be in touch to schedule a free one-hour discovery session. I’ll be in touch in two business days or less.

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I look forward to meeting with you!