Two 60-Minute Group Coaching Calls per Month

Our small coaching group meets for two sixty-minute calls per month. There are a maximum of six people in the group so that everyone gets the personalized attention they need. Even when you don’t get airtime on a call, I can say with confidence that you will benefit from hearing others ask their questions and receive coaching.

These calls are 60 minutes long and held on Fridays at 12:30-1:30pm EST. We use Zoom, a video conference platform so that we can see each other and feel connected.

Cost of group coaching program: $300/month.

Personal Development Log Check-ins

Every week, you’ll take about fifteen minutes to write a reflection in your online personal development log.

During this time, you’ll celebrate what you accomplished in the previous week, take stock of new learning, and look at action steps for the week ahead.

This way, you can stay accountable to your commitments and consistently moving forward.

I read what you’ve written in your personal development log and respond with insights and support to help you keep moving forward.

All Your Questions Answered

You have so many questions— How to write your opening? How to create believable and exciting characters that your readers will empathize with? How to create great dialogue? What to do when you’re not sure if you’re on the right track? What to do if you don’t feel inspired about a certain scene or chapter? How to find your plot– beginning, middle, and (yes, absolutely!) end? What to do next? And next? And next?

I will personally answer all of your questions so that you keep coming back to a sense of clarity and keep writing, again and again.

How does that sound?

If you think you might be one of those people who can benefit from working with me, I invite you to tell me a bit about yourself by filling out the form below. Once you do, I’ll be in touch to schedule a free one-hour discovery session. I’ll be in touch in two business days or less.

I look forward to meeting with you!