Today I worry that perhaps now I don’t know how or when to put it down. Or if it makes sense to ever take a break.

And it must. Right?

There must be some days where I just need to take off and rest.

I have days where I wonder if I’m writing because of fear or because I want to. And when I do write, when I show up and sit down to it, I know it doesn’t matter.

I know the best thing to do is to show up, write my way through it, and keep going.

Just show up, write through, trust.

Sure, some days are days to take off. And other days are hard ones to follow through on the writing practice, even when I want to write and know that I need to. Not because of some exterior metric or promise, but because I need it for me.

Because this is what I promised myself. Because this is what I do.

So, two things:

1) Sometimes there’s a “NO” in response to showing up and it’s worth listening to. Hear it, let yourself off the hook, don’t force it. Sometimes doing this at one point in the day will enable a better writing space and writing practice later in the day. (A “no” right now isn’t a “no” for the day.)

Listen to your needs. Especially on the weekends, when the usual routine doesn’t take care of you.

Side Bonus: Remember that building a routine is important! Getting constants like where, when, and after what/before what you do your writing. But more on that in another post.

2) Sometimes there’s fear or anxiety or a hard day to write. This isn’t the same as that deep, inner “no” when you know you’ve done a lot and it’s time for a break. Sorry, you’re still on the hook for those early, hard days to get the writing done.

Not every day will be a great, smooth flow. But for every day you power through when it isn’t, you’re building your practice, creating a routine, doing the work that’ll make other days later on easier.

Bonus: more ease is coming your way. You’re really earning it now!

And, when you create on these days more good news is that when you go back and look at what you’ve written later on, I promise it’ll seem better to you than it did at the time!

I promise. Keep at it.

Q for comments:
What’s your goal for today? For this week? What did you accomplish?


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