After taking one of Seth’s classes in mystery writing and participating in one of his workshops. I was pretty sure that I could write a mystery novel, so I forged ahead. But after completing a draft, I had no idea how to go back and revise it into something I could share with the world. That’s when I turned to Write with Seth for coaching.

That novel quickly found its way into the trash, but as I worked with Seth, I started to develop the core skills I needed. I learned the importance of grounding my characters and letting them write the story. I learned how to let my imagination take over to create stories I never knew I had in me. And I learned how to commit to writing consistently four to five days a week.

As a coach Seth does more than just edit my pieces, he points out where I need to work on a particular skill and introduces new concepts as needed. Most importantly, he encourages me to focus on the positives, helping me build confidence in my writing, take pride in my progress, and work on, rather than dwell on, my weaknesses.

As for concrete results – in the past year, working with Seth, I have published two short stories, have a 5000-word personal essay almost ready to submit and am working slowly and thoughtfully on another mystery novel. I call that success!

Julie P.