September Office Hours

About the author : sethharwood

We really got into structure in this month’s conversation—both in terms of what the structure of a novel might look like and in how thinking about structure affects the writing process!

We talk about the Big Question: Structure! Truth is, sometimes when we’re asking a “Big Question” it’s a sign that we’re not writing enough or not writing consistently. Time to ask: what’s my practice? Am I getting to the draft often enough?

We got into the use of a scenario as a tactic for evaluating structure, as opposed to an outline. It’s a great tool to learn how to employ!

Another question came up: do characters need to change? Or the corollary: does a main character need to have an “arc of change?” My answer: who knows? The truth is, writing consistently, trusting in the process, and plugging into exploring character can answer all of these Big “top down” problems or questions if you let it.

This month’s book recommendation: Janet Burroway – Writing Fiction

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About the author : sethharwood