Do you long to get feedback from other writers about your work? Looking for an insightful audience to read your writing? One that can bring constructive discussion and is led by an experienced teacher and writer?

Finding a writing community to assist with advanced feedback and continued growth can make all the difference.

Monthly workshops give a small group of participants the opportunity to put up their fiction for constructive critique by their fellow workshop peers. We’ll discuss the strengths of each reading, as well as any areas the author could improve upon in their revision process. We also take time during each workshop to discuss different craft elements in-depth, like plot, characterization, dialogue, and the importance of slowing down and showing character movement, among others.

Each monthly workshop is held over Zoom and includes a small group of authors from around the world—many of whom have regularly attended my workshops for years!

The first thing that comes to mind is the passion my fellow workshoppers have for writing. Not only do they have passion for the craft, but they have a passion for genres I’ve either not been exposed to or aren’t interested in. Why is that useful? Because their passion is infectious. I’ve never been a mystery/suspense fan, but in reading some of the authors in our workshop, I’ve come to appreciate it just through seeing how their interest in it has flavored their plotlines, characters and settings. There’s something very valuable in reading and writing outside your comfort zone. In other words: just because I want to write science fiction doesn’t mean that’s all I should read and/or write. If anything, the opposite is probably more useful, and I wouldn’t have ever come to this realization had I not been in a workshop with such a variety of different talents. Second, it’s filled with people that really bring their A game. Nothing makes me work harder for the workshop (and Ground) than knowing that I’m submitting along with some real contenders. Is it a competition? Maybe in some ways, but it never feels that way. Our fellow workshoppers (and myself, Read more “Andrew H”

I found Seth’s Workshop after being referred by several friends, all his former Stanford and Harvard students. As a recent retiree, interested in reinventing myself as a writer, I had to get over the fear of actually sitting down to write, knowing it would be read by other writers and my coach, Seth. The workshop changed my whole approach to writing. My fears were unfounded, the support and encouragement I got from Seth and my fellow workshop writers were just what I needed to start my transformation into a true writer. Stories abound of how hard it is to get your butt in a chair and start writing. Knowing my new friends were waiting was the gun-to-the-head I needed to crank out the pages. Never easy, but it worked like a charm with Seth and his workshop. Seth, through his contacts with fellow published authors and fellow graduates of the Iowa Workshop, has his finger on the pulse of every literary movement out there. In the writing game, contacts are the stuff of life. I’m writing this specifically to recommend Seth’s workshop. His hands-on criticisms are targeted at making you the best writer you can be. His personal guidance is Read more “Bennett”

Workshop meets the third Thursday of each month from 2:30-4:30 p.m. ET on Zoom.

We generally discuss two pieces of writing per meeting, with a max word count of 3,000 words per piece.

Group size is 7-9 members, each of whom has gone through one of my classes (at least) at Stanford or Harvard, or done prior work with me.

They know the groundwork and they’re ready for a deeper conversation about craft. Some are working on novel draft, some on short stories. Genre preference varies by writer.

Generally speaking, participants have the chance to put up work twice in a six-month period. In some cases more.

Cost is $600 for 6 months of meetings.

If you think you might be one of those people who can benefit from working with me, I invite you to tell me a bit about yourself by filling out the form linked below. Once you do, I’ll be in touch to schedule a free one-hour discovery session. I’ll be in touch in two business days or less.

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I look forward to meeting with you!