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6 06, 2024

Toiling in the dark?

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Are you tired of toiling in the dark, not getting feedback you can rely on, not knowing if you’re on the right track or where your book is really headed? Maybe you’re struggling to find the story, worrying you’ll hit a dead end, or writing on and on without finding your end. Or have you felt like you’ve been writing for a long time, hoping that your prose and scene-creation are good enough, but not getting any firm answers on quality from someone you can trust? Maybe your friends say your writing is good, but you only get rejections when you submit. Want to know if your book is any good? I’ve been there. I went to writing workshops, took classes, workshopped with friends, even got significant feedback—marked pages from my mother and my grandmother. Guess what: my mom loved my first book; my grandmother didn’t understand it. Was that book any good? Oh, not at all. It was a huge tome that I showed to anyone who was willing, even printing out extra copies at work or running them off on a copier—250 pages at a time! I gave it to friends, acquaintances, girlfriends, almost anybody. Bound 3-ring [...]

23 05, 2024

When to talk with a Writing Coach?

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OR: How can a book coach help you? First, some news: I recently became accredited as a Certified Author Accelerator Book Coach. It was a fantastic process that helped me learn some new tools and tactics for evaluating clients’ writing, helping them grow, and particularly in organizing a longer book—a memoir or a novel. With this new training, I’ve got a few new programs that I’ll be offering. One is a Blueprint for a Book. Another is a Novel Pitch Coaching Series. I’m excited to talk more with you about them both and will be building new pages for these offers in the near future. For now, I’d like to offer you—the gentle reader who’s been following already—a chance to schedule a free discovery session to talk with me about your writing. LET'S DO IT: Book a Discovery Call Here’s a bit more context about when book coaching might make sense for you. Do any of these feel true for you: 1) You’re done with a draft but haven't worked it to death. You also can't tell if it's good enough. Deep down, you dread it's not. 2) You want to learn to revise. You’ve tried a few strategies [...]


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